Every MCU Dad - Ranked From Worst To Best

The MCU has some serious daddy issues.

Marvel Studios

Though there are some legitimately good fathers in the MCU, there are a lot of pretty poor ones too. In honour of Father’s Day recently, this ranking catalogues them from worst to best. The judgement is purely based on them as fathers, not on characters, heroes or individuals.

To thin out the crowd from just everyone with kids, only the ‘major’ fathers have been counted. This means they need to have been on screen with their child, and need to have played a decent part in the story or have enough scenes that we can truly judge them.

For example, neither Loki’s father Laufey and Killmonger’s father N’Jobu get enough screen time for it to be worth ranking them; although it’s clear Laufey isn’t the best dad ever.

Likewise, Anton Vanko, father of Ivan Vanko (Whiplash) seems to get along with his son, but also leads him to become a psychotic super villain. Off one scene, it’s hard to justify any ranking, high or low.

Adoptive fathers feature a lot in the MCU, and especially with them being some of the best dads, they’ve obviously been included here.


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