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How does Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 stack up?

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So much for saturation, eh? With the announcement of every new Marvel release, cynics rush to question whether fans have possibly had enough of superhero films, seemingly ignoring the increasing box office returns and fanboy delight in favour of imagining the clanging chimes of doom. But - as its detractors seem intent to remind us all now it's all going so well - Marvel have built a cinematic brand that is unprecedented and unrivalled.

Over 15 films, the MCU has generated a staggering box office haul of more than $34 BILLION, flying in the face of critics with their buzzwords like "formulaic", "unrisky", "Disneyfied". That's the kind of financial performance that should make small countries proud, let alone a relatively small group of films.

The latest addition to this swirling mass of plots, characters and entertainment is the hugely hyped, brilliantly funny Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, which promised to ramp up the comedy as well as the heart, and to give the MCU's coolest bunch of a-holes a threat like they'd never faced before.

But the real question for any franchise film is how it deals with its forebears: at a pure level, any sequel is only great if it outshines what came before it. So, how does Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 stack up to the other twelve MCU releases to date?


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