Every Movie That Received An F CinemaScore Ranked From Worst To Best

15. I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

I Know Who Killed Me Lindsay Lohan
TriStar Pictures

Winner of eight Razzies, this unfortunate attempt by Lindsay Lohan to shed her teen-friendly image and branch out into more cerebral, adult fare ended up scooping the actress an unprecedented two Worst Actress Razzies for the same movie (tieing with herself for the two roles she plays).

I Know Who Killed Me is schlock that so desperately wants to be a David Lynch film in every fibre of its being, but it mistakes incoherence for abstraction, and nonsense for artful vagueness.

Lohan is really trying, bless her, but the film's baffling audacity aside - namely the fact it even got made in the first place - it's incredibly easy to see why audiences expecting a far more conventional thriller completely loathed it.

Though the film has enjoyed some mild re-evaluation in recent years as a surreal, campy cult classic, its entertainment value is merely ironic for the most part.


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