Every Ridley Scott Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Can Covenant really compete with Alien?

Alien The Martian
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Some forty years ago, the world welcomed a new breed of film-maker who would go on to be known as one of the greatest sci-fi film-makers of all time, despite releasing less than a handful of films in the genre. That's how important the early works of Ridley Scott were to the wider film world.

Since cementing his impressive debut with genuine classics Alien and Blade Runner, Scott has gleefully puddle-jumped through genres as if that wasn't the kind of creative diversity that continues to defy all but a handful of titans. He might forever be remembered as the poser of that question about Deckard and the creator of the Xenomorph legend, but over the years some of his films have been as unexpected as they have illuminating.

It hasn't all been plain-sailing of course: more than once, his decisions have looked questionable and his admirable aesthetic conviction has occasionally looked distracting and misplaced, but even in his worst moments, he shows an eye for story like few others. And when you're so willing to try and defy expectations, you're bound to stumble sometimes.

Almost four decades after leaving Ripley exhausted by victorious, the chameleon-like director has now returned to his first great success, seeking to undo some of the crimes committed in the Alien franchise's name. But where does Alien: Covenant sit amongst his finest works?

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