Every Saw Trap Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranking 59 traps from worst to best...

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Ever since the Saw franchise began, its defining feature has unquestionably been its gruesome traps. These grisly, twisted creations have provided some of the 21st century's nastiest and most memorable horror scenes, and its these traps that have kept viewers coming back to Saw time and time again even after all these years.

But what makes a good Saw trap?

Often, the films misunderstand what makes a trap work and just make it really gory; unfortunately, this isn't actually what makes a Saw trap work well. A suspenseful race against time to escape and a scenario that forces the trap's victim to realize their flaws and make impossible decisions - that is the key to a great trap!

Some of the Saw films have really pulled off their traps with aplomb, while other set-pieces have been disappointingly lacklustre. Much like the films themselves, the franchise's traps are occasionally great, sometimes terrible and wildly inconsistent overall.

So, which Saw trap is the greatest of all time? And which will send everyone to sleep? It's time to find out...

59. Saw V - The Bathtub Trap

Trap: Five electric circuits had to be linked to a filled bathtub (namely, using a person, which would electrocute them to death) so that the circuits could be closed in order to open a sealed door.

This trap is just the worst.

There's no imagination or suspense, there's no gore or disturbing content and it's just a full-on snooze-fest that'll send even the most ardent Saw fans to sleep.

There isn't any other trap in the whole franchise where it felt like so little effort was put into any of it and as such, it definitely feels fair to call this the worst Saw trap of all time. Hell, it's not even close.


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