Every Single Spider-Man Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

12. Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978)

Spider Man Strikes Back

Considering how poor The Amazing Spider-Man TV show from the late 70s looks now, it's a bit of a shock that we got a single movie out of it, let alone THREE, but here we are.

The second was the film made out of two-part episode "Deadly Dust" with the same quality production values as ever and the same preposterously old Peter Parker played by Nicholas Hammond. This time, one of Parker's tutors accidentally gives some of his fellow students the correct ingredients to make a nuclear bomb (hell of an accidet, this) and Parker himself ends up under suspicion while villain Mr White (who is definitely not just stolen from every Bond villain from the 70s) returns to try and steal the bomb to blow up the World Trade Centre.

The low budget shows badly here and sadly Spider-Man is the biggest casulaty as Hammond is barely even in costume to save money. As a result there's limited action, no special effects and no clear reason why it was a movie at all.

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