Every Upcoming Disney Live-Action Remake - Ranked By Hype

The Lion King looks awesome. Aladdin? Less so.

Aladdin The Lion King Dumbo

Disney may be set to have a record-breaking 2019 at the box office, but they're certainly not content to stop there, with their industrious plans to produce live-action remakes of, well, just about every beloved animated film they've ever made.

After Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland turned out a billion-dollar hit, Disney quickly put those plans in motion, and to date we've seen successful remakes of Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast (not to mention spin-off adaptations such as Maleficent and Christopher Robin).

Not all remakes are created equal, though, and it's fair to say that Disney will need to work hard to sell each and every remake to fans who might feel that they don't really need to exist.

It's easy to see the potential - both artistically and commercially - in many of these live-action remakes, but others just aren't registering any interest whatsoever.

With Disney releasing so many projects per year nowadays, they need to be careful not to over-saturate audiences and risk inflicting "Disney fatigue" on all but their most hardcore fans.

And so, from their most anticipated upcoming remakes to the ones we can probably all do without, here's every impending live-action Disney remake ranked from meh to must-see on the hype-o-meter.

Note that we didn't include Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in our list, because it's a remake-sequel rather than a conventional remake...


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