Every War Of The Worlds Adaptation: Ranked Worst To Best

The chances of everyone agreeing with this ranking are a million to one, but here it comes.

BBC War of the Worlds 2019

No one would have believed in the last years of the 2010s that one popular novel from over a century ago would still be subject to rival adaptations. Yet across the gulf that exists between us and TV executives, intellects lazy and uncreative regarded the profits of past adaptations with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew up their own version.

Yes, The War Of The Worlds is back on our screens once again. Twice, actually. Because while the BBC's new three-part adaptation wraps up this Sunday, another version has been airing across Europe.

The latter, a French-American co-production from StudioCanal and Fox which moves the alien invasion action to contemporary Europe, won't air in the UK and US until early next year (possibly to avoid a War Of The War Of The Worlds against its BBC rival). But the presence of two simultaneous adaptations is a testament to the enduring popularity of H.G. Wells's original Martian invasion story.

It also means that there is no better time to look back at the good and bad of all the past attempts to bring the tripod-loving invaders from the Red Planet to our screens. So, let's see how the BBC's current take stacks up against its predecessors.


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