Ewan McGregor assists Tom Hanks with his ANGELS & DEMONS!

Obi-Wan to play a powerful Vatican insider in the Da Vinci Code prequel.

Ewan McGregor is in final talks to join Tom Hanks and yesterday's casting of Aylet Zurer in Angels & Demons. McGregor is set to take on the role of a powerful Vatican insider who assists Langdon in his struggle against a powerful group who have vowed to blow up the sovereign city state in the adaptation of the Dan Brown bestseller. It is the role that Orlando Bloom was rumored to be up for last year.

Director Ron Howard has once again gone British for his supporting cast, something he filled Da Vinci Code with. Paul Bettany (who gave a memorable performance as an albino monk), Alfred Molina and Ian McKellen all played their parts pretty well and kept up the interest in the original movie when the writing perhaps wasn't quite at it's best.

McGregor will have the same challenge here. His career is quite unlike any other actor out there because he can easily breeze in and out between massive Hollywood productions and small Indie flicks without his Hollywood star diminishing. Filming is set to begin very shortly so we might see more of the supporting cast fall out soon.

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