When it comes to bestowing a motion-picture with the golden honour of being Best Picture for a particular year, I always look for what I call a "perfect film". I define a "perfect film" as one that is absent of any scenes or moments that could have been improved on because the direction is so controlled, the story told so tight and the actors so utterly convincing in their roles that they were irreplaceable. Perfect films suggest the cinematic medium has been used to fully transcend the meaning of an author's intention, usually with multiple layers upon layers of engaging interpretation for every shot and idea. There are no filler, or exposition moments in a perfect film and they don't come around very often. The last was No Country For Old Men in 2007, which I firmly believe was why it won Best Picture over the more ambitious There Will Be Blood. The closest we came in 2008 was probably Let the Right One In. However, we did have a perfect film this year and no it wasn't James Cameron's eye-ball orgy blockbuster Avatar. As much as I championed the movie on Oscar night as being the very one that should take home the gold because of it's unbelievable box office tally and game-changing aesthetics, which actually goes against my usual mantra of "perfect cinema"; there was one movie that was actually perfect and probably deserved the gold. Joel & Ethan Coen's (yeah those guys again) A Serious Man. I've seen the Coen Bros. movie twice since I saw it in theatres and I'm writing my review of the DVD over the weekend but for now I've been asked my to promote this exclusive clip that has been sent our way... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chi0QW01awI Also, we have been sent a Coen Brothers quiz which is worth a look...

A Serious Man is released on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday in the U.K.
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