Exclusive Clip: THE TOWN Blu-ray - Ben Affleck On Heists

Here's an exclusive clip from Warner Bros. forthcoming Blu-ray release of The Town (streeting on January 31st) as writer/director/star Ben Affleck shares his research on the methods and personalities of modern day bank robbers which filtered into his excellent crime movie and we get a glimpse at the terrific opening bank heist scene. I'm a huge, huge fan of The Town and I would love, just love, to see it squeeze into 10 movie Best Picture race in 11 days time when the Academy revels their nominations. If nothing else, Jeremy Renner SHOULD be nominated for Best Supporting Actor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu7u3II0qgY Don't forget we have three copies of The Town on Blu-ray to give away. Make sure you enter!
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