Video Interview: MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD discusses Make It Happen

Talks dancing, sexy outfits, FLASHDANCE & more!

Well how do you top interviewing Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley on the same day? Mike Edwards had the answer... an exclusive video interview with Mary Elizabeth Winstead!

She cheated death in Final Destination 3 (where my personal obsession with this girl began) but didn't have the same luck in the remake of Black Christmas She made geeks purr as a cheerleader in Death Proof and we should not forget she is of course the daughter of John McClane in Live Free or Die Hard. That alone is a statement of some stature for any actress. She is simply put, an OWF favourite. And she sat down to talk to Obsessed With Film about her latest movie Make It Happen - a Flashdance esque dance drama which to me looks like a stand out compared to the recent crap that are How She Move and Step Up 2 The Streets. I enjoyed the trailer and she totally sells this movie for me. Hear her talk about the movie, the sexiness, her favourite movie director she would want to work with and yes... Tron & Gremlins!

That movie with Edgar Wright is of course Scot Pilgrim vs. The World, the adaptation of the Oni Press Graphic Novel where she plays "every man's fantasy". Michael Cera leads in Wright's first U.S. venture which is due out sometime next year! In the mean time, to see Winstead dressing in sexy outfits trying to fit in at a Burlesque House, make sure you see Make it Happen from next Friday!


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