Fact Vs Fiction: Schindler's List

9. FICTION: Itzhak Stern Is One Person

Schindler S List
Universal Pictures

In the movie, Schindler is assisted by his skilled accountant, Itzhak Stern. Sir Ben Kingsley plays the role of Schindler’s initially reluctant employee magnificently and earned a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Stern is vital for Schindler’s efforts in saving as many people as he did. The character of the accountant also served as a valuable informant for how the Jewish people were being treated behind closed doors. Without Stern, Schindler wouldn’t have been able to have saved as many people as he did.

The film deviates from history, however, as Stern’s role was not carried out by just one person. In reality, Mietek Pemper assisted Schindler in many ways. As Pemper was positioned as the brutal Amon Göth’s stenographer, he had access to crucial information.

In one instance, Pemper became aware of the Nazi’s increased demand for armament and so was pivotal in Schindler’s plan to relocate his workers to Czechoslovakia instead of Auschwitz. Pemper also had the monumental task of helping to write the famous list which helped save so many lives.


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