"Family is forever" - HALLOWEEN 2 poster with Michael Myers in mid plunge position!

The killer stalking his prey, about to aggressively plunge his big sharp knife from sky high depths into a fallen, blonde victim. It's a classic horror genre image and it's proven to be effective for Dimension Films in plugging Halloween 2, the second of Rob Zombie's personal dissections of psycho killer Michael Myers and the revenge he takes upon his family. Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the heads-up! halloween-2-final-p I like the poster, its straight to the point, it doesn't pretentiously show us that really Mike Myers has a tortured human soul beneath it all, and that the boogeyman was really just a nice boy who was brought up in a bad family. We don't need to see that and let's hope Zombie has kept down the flashbacks to an absolute minimum because "Myers: The Younger Days", were easily the worst parts of his Halloween. A fast paced, genre fulfilling slasher movie with plenty of inventive kills, a terrifying portrayal of Myers and smart/interesting young characters is all I need for satisfaction here, to feel like I got my money's worth. I don't ask for much when it comes to slasher movies but most these days can't even the basic fundamentals. Oh and I gotta mention, If you enlarge the poster, interestingly Scout Taylor Compton (who plays Laurie Strode) who you would have thought Mr. Zombie would have realised his mistake last time and made her the lead character, is named as the "and" person in the credits. Does that mean she's fucked from the opening reel... not to be seen again?

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