Must Watch: Fan Shoots Alternate Ending / Continuation To LOST On Location In Hawaii!

Corey Vidal's LOST Fan Film

Are you one of those people who hated the way ABC's hit series Lost ended, and to this day wish that it could have been different? You are? Well then shame on you for being lazy and not buying yourself a HD camera, lining up a cast and crew, flying down to Hawaii, and filming your own version of "the end" using the still-standing set pieces from the show! Shame on you, because that's exactly what Corey Vidal did when he had the urge to create an ending, or in this case, possibly even a continuation to ABC's series that concluded in May last year. I've heard of fan-fiction and I've heard of fan-films, but Vidal has seriously taken things to a new level. "The Man Who Brought Us Here" is a short that Vidal created utilizing the set pieces from Lostthat were left standing in Hawaii. His sense of cinematography is way past the average YouTube-filmmaker and he blends the show's original score in all the right places. The quality of the video itself gives off a very professional vibe, and Vidal is smart enough to leave out key elements from the series to avoid copyright infringement. But, like almost every other fan-film, this one comes with its jarring flaws. The acting (especially from "Megan") is horrendously corny, the dialogue is delivered in the most monotonous of ways, and once your 5minutes and 55seconds is up, you'll be left with that all-too-familiar "WTF?!" look on your face. True, that happened with the actual show itself, but it's pretty obvious that Vidal is trying to0 hard to replicate that same ominous tone by creating "too many questions that we don't have the answers to." But really, I don't wanna' be a jerk and play Ebert with a fan-made film, so I'm going to look at this in a positive light and give the 24-year old filmmaker some serious props for his efforts. As a piece of work, this has by far surpassed the regular fan-film in terms of quality and execution. If anything, this should come off as a good piece of film-making for his portfolio. I've embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. Hey, if you spent 6-years following Lost, you're not going to lose anything by allocating another 6-minutes of your life to the show...or parts indirectly related to it. As for me, I'm pretty happy with the way things ended. It wasn't the perfect ending, but it was awesome nonetheless. I have the complete series in a nifty lil' box-set sitting on my shelf to prove my adoration for what was (and still is) one of televisions most incredible shows.

Since we're on the topic of fan-films, all you Fallout fans should check out this vid , in case you haven't already. Pretty cool stuff.
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