Fantastic Four 2 Isn't Entirely Dead, Somehow

Fox still has an appetite for sequel despite bitter aftertaste of Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four 2

In spite of a critical mauling and low box office returns, plans for a sequel to 2015's Fantastic Four are still being discussed at 20th Century Fox with the same core cast expected to be retained, according to producer Simon Kinberg.

Speaking in an interview with Den Of Geek, Kinberg confirmed that the sequel could well still go ahead, while acknowledging that the studio dropped the ball with last year's reboot.

We didn't make a good movie, and the world voted, and I think they probably voted correctly. And you can't make a good movie every time out - not everybody does. We actually have a pretty good batting average, all things considered. But I think we made many mistakes when we made that movie - mistakes that we learned from and we wouldn't repeat.

But the good news for the cast is they aren't all sacked:

We want to make another Fantastic Four movie. We love that cast - I mean if I were to say to you now Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller, and Kate and Jamie are great actors - we love that cast. I love the comic, I mean I love it almost as much as X-Men."

Kinberg described the approach to a sequel as being "brighter" than Josh Trank's tonally inconsistent outing, with a stronger emphasis on the comic book roots than before.

We'll try to be truer to the essence of the tone of Fantastic Four, which is completely - well, not completely, but largely - distinct from the X-Men, which is brighter, funner, more optimistic tone. I think we tried to make a darker Fantastic Four movie, which seemed like a radical idea but we were kind of messing with the DNA of the actual comic instead of trusting the DNA of the comic.

While Fantastic Four 2 has yet to be green-lit by Fox, Kinberg is upbeat about the possibility, saying, We're working really hard on figuring that out. Nothing would make me happier than the world embracing a Fantastic Four movie.


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