Fantastic Four Gets New Full Trailer With Powers, Plot And Character

Finally, there are answers. And a man made out of rocks.

After months of the movie hiding under the cone of silence and a first trailer that played up tone and atmosphere over everything else, this second full-length promo for Josh Trank€™s Fantastic Four reboot delivers exactly what a lot of fans have been asking for. There are shots of The Thing, of Sue going invisible, of Johnny bursting into flames and Reed€™s arm doing that whole Stretch Armstrong thing. Perhaps most notably, there€™s even a good close-up of the new Dr. Doom. I really enjoyed seeing the characters interact like this, and the scenes with both Reed and Johnny seem to be working very well. Not a surprise, really, when the actors are of this calibre. Trank showed a sensitivity to this kind of thing with Chronicle, so I€™m sure the €˜young people, bantering€™ stuff in Fantastic Four is going to come off nicely. The rest of it, we€™ll have to wait and see. The shots of The Thing do seem to have character and personality, though I can€™t see Jamie Bell coming through, necessarily. And the close-up of Doom left me wondering just what I was looking at. It might have been good for the trailer to address the number one point of fan confusion, however. People seem to believe that the new Dr. Doom is some kind of blogger, all based on a misunderstood quote from Toby Kebbel. The truth of the matter is simply: Victor Domashev is part of Dr. Storm€™s team, working with the computer side of things. He€™s informed enough that he€™s able to hack computer systems, and early in the film, he posts to forums using the handle Dr. Doom. And that€™s about as far as that goes, really, and things will soon change a lot for him, obviously. Maybe the next trailer will spell that all out for the people who are still getting it all wrong and running about in a state of worry. The new Fantastic Four will reach both UK and US cinemas on August 7th.
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