Fantastic Four Trailer Breakdown: 35 Things You Need To See

Be ready for what's coming...

After months of radio silence, Fantastic Four, this summer's reboot of Marvel's first superhero team, has made some major noise. The first look at Josh Trank's film dropped this afternoon in the form of an impressive two minute trailer that proudly states this isn't going to be anything like that tat attempt a decade ago. It's very much a mood setter, with money shots infrequent - there's copious shots of Reed Richards and co., but mostly sans powers - while the plot isn't even alluded to beyond a couple of ambiguous foretellings of doom (by Doom, funnily enough). But it more than succeeds in what it's trying to do - this is clearly a darker, more modern version of the gang. Fantastic Four hasn't overtaken the likes of Avengers: Age Of Ultron or Jurassic Park in terms of anticipation, but the new trailer does mark it out as one of the summer's big hitters. There's a lot to discuss, dissect and speculate about the trailer, so let's get to it.

35. A Global Journey

The trailer opens with a couple of location shots that immediately set the film up as a global affair - New York at night, before cutting to a sweeping shot of some isolated mountains. This film's not just going to be confined to the Baxter Building.

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