Fast & Furious 8: 15 Things We Already Know For Certain

One last ride? No chance.

Fast 8 Charlize Theron Vin Diesel

With Fast and Furious 8's first trailer set to drop on December 11th, what better time to pore over all the cast and crew interviews, all the set videos and all those sneaky spy leaks to lay out everything we know so far?

After Furious 7 made a ridiculous $1.51 billion at the box office, a sequel was all-but-inevitable despite all that "one last ride" talk, and of course, this will be the first movie made since Paul Walker's untimely death in 2013.

Universal's marketing push has been fantastic so far even without a single trailer being released. They're clearly confident in what they're making, and going by the info that's leaked out so far, that's with damn good reason.

Here are 15 things we already know for certain about Fast and Furious 8...

15. Hobbs Ends Up In An Icelandic Prison

Fast 8 Charlize Theron Vin Diesel
Universal Pictures

Over the summer, Dwayne Johnson posted this image to Instagram, which shows Hobbs in an orange prison jumpsuit during the movie's Iceland shoot.

Fans have been speculating ever since about exactly how and why he would end up in prison, being a DSS agent and all.

The possibilities, of course, are that he overstepped his bounds and the authorities didn't like how cosy he was getting with Dom and company, or that he's in fact working undercover in the jail for some reason.

Either way, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is going to lead to some sort of insane set-piece.


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