Felicity Jones Cast In Gareth Edwards' Star Wars Movie

Aaron Paul also reportedly in the running for a lead role.

Felicity Jones Star Wars Truth be told, we don't know much about Gareth Edwards' Star Wars movie at all. Some are saying it's to do with bounty hunters, others are being more specific and name checking Boba Fett, but the truth of the matter is, it's all just hearsay so far. The most solid information we have is on the casting, and the first role has just been filled. Edwards and Lucasfilm have selected Felicity Jones to play one of the lead roles in the film, and she's making her deal now. I like Jones a great deal and she's definitely got the chops to carry this off. She's easily the best thing about The Theory of Everything, in fact, despite the incredible, notable, obvious transformation that Eddie Redmayne goes through to play Stephen Hawking. According to some reports, Aaron Paul is negotiating to take another lead role too in the Star Wars spin-off. Again, some foggy rumours are floating around about this, but I just can't believe anybody would cast Aaron Paul as a young Han Solo. No way. Having said that, there is a young Han Solo project somewhere in the mix, and maybe it's this film. But Aaron Paul? Pull the other one. Edwards' film is set to get into production this May or June, and release next December. If things follow the same timeline as The Force Awakens, we can expect some pretty solid leaks over the summer, from plot details to concept art. Or maybe Lucasfilm will have learned from their mistake next time and be able to plug the holes. Yeah. Right.
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