Female Scarface movie set in Spain is greenlit

n67641.jpgA female version of Scarface is in development over at Warner Independent under the direction of Venezuelan director Jonathan Jakubowicz. The movie titled Queen of the South will be set in Spain and is said to reinvent the gangster genre by unusually having a female protagonist.
The story is based on Arturo Perez-Reverte's bestselling novel and revolves around a Mexican woman who escapes to Spain after her drug mule boyfriend is killed, then becomes a drug kingpin and seeks revenge for her boyfriend's murderers. Albert Torres did a rewrite of Hanna Weg's script.
Now I can dig all that and it sounds pretty cool but then you hear the names that are up for the lead role and you start to get a little worried. Eva Mendes, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez. Now can you seriously imagine any of them as a gun wielding gangster? For a female version of Al Pacino's Tony Montana character you need someone who is a little less glamorous and someone who is a little more tough and rugged. I mean casting Jennifer Lopez would be the death of this film, which has tons of potential if it can find the right female lead. source - rope of silicon, variety
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