Fight Club Quiz: Who Said It - Tyler Or ‘Jack’?

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Part of the brilliance of Fight Club is its insistence on keeping the narrator identity-less. For the purpose of this quiz, we will refer to the narrator as ‘Jack’, but any real Fight Club fan knows it could be Rupert, Cornelius, or a whole host of other names he used.

Following a depressed insomniac at breaking point in his life, a free spirited soap salesman changes everything. Delving into the materialistic culture of society, Fight Club follows the narrator’s downfall or reprise, depending on how you interpret the film.

The film ultimately fell short in the box office but in turn, became one of the biggest and most unique cult films in cinematic history. The dark and edgy thriller is translated from Chuck Palahniuk book to the big screen, with Brad Pitt and Ed Norton bringing the characters to life with career defining performances.

Spoiler alert - there will not be the choice to answer the questions as ‘both’, for any smarty-pants out there. How well do you really know the main character from the infamous Fight Club?

Answers at the end!

1. “The Lower Your Fall, The Higher You’ll Fly”

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