Film Quiz: Can You Name The Christian Bale Movie By Just One Image?

Will you prove you can tell the difference between Christian Bales "Batman" movies? Let's find out!

Christian Bale Equilibrium
Marvel Studios

Christian Bale is an actor who is not afraid to drastically change his physique for a role he is playing.

He's bulked up to play a superhero or a superficial psychopath. He's lost weight to play an industrial worker who has begun to feel his coworkers are out to get him. Bale even put on weight to play a real-life Vice President. There are few actors who go to such extreme lengths to completely transform themselves into the role they are playing.

Just like his character from "The Prestige", Christian Bale knows the importance of committing to a performance

Since Bale began acting as a child, he's taken on so many different roles. He's been a franchise actor as one of the biggest superhero movies in Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise and as a villain in Thor.

He's been a murdering banker in "American Psycho" a race car driver in "Le Mans '66" and a con-man in "American Hustle".

Christian Bale has done it all the question is, can you remember all his movies? Will you prove you can tell the difference between his "Batman" movies? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Name The Movie.


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