Film Quiz: Can You Name The Jamie Lee Curtis Movie By Just One Image?

Can you identify all of these Jamie Lee Curtis movies?

Jamie Lee Curtis Mar 5 2011 2 600

With this being the time of year that we love to watch scary movies, one actor who you'll probably end up seeing plenty of over the spooky season is Jamie Lee Curtis.

The iconic Curtis has taken on - and survived! - Michael Myers at several points in the Halloween franchise, she's battled a murderer at high school in Prom Night, she's been tormented on New Year's Eve in Terror Train, and faced the eerie, ghostly figures of The Fog.

Of course, Jamie Lee has long proven to be more than just your typical Scream Queen, having taking on action in True Lives, been wrapped up in a murder mystery in Knives Out, and we've even seen her take on comedy and fantasy in the likes of Everything Everywhere All At Once.

With such a wide variety of roles over the years, it would take a huge fan of Jamie Lee Curtis' movies to remember them all. As such, this quiz features images from 12 of Jamie Lee's films, and all you need to do is correctly identify which movie is which.

Do you remember all the times she played Laurie Strode and took on the Shape? Are you able to tell the difference between Freaky Friday and A Fish Called Wanda?

Answers at the end!

1. Name The Movie.


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