Film Quiz: Can You Name The Johnny Depp Movie By Just One Image?

Can you name all 12 of these movies starring Johnny Depp? Let's find out!

Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow
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When Johnny Depp very first burst onto movie screens, he was facing off against one of the biggest horror icons of them all, Freddy Kruger.

It wouldn't be the last time Depp would take on a role that would see him come up against the supernatural. In "Sleepy Hollow" we saw Depp investigate a number of spooky murders being blamed on a Headless Horseman.

Although Depp began his career playing the role of the high school boyfriend, the rest of his career has seen him take on roles that were anything but traditional.

Depp seems to love nothing more than transforming himself for a role, taking on strange and quirky characters throughout his career.

He's been a gentle soul with scissors for hands. Played a larger than life pirate in search of his ship and fortune. We've even seen him take on the role of the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland".

Depp has a plenty of credits with varied roles, the question is, can you remember them all? This quiz features 12 images from movies starring Johnny Depp, all you need to do is name them all.

Will you correctly identify all 12 movies? Let's find out!

1. Name The Movie.


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