Film Quiz: Can You Name The Samuel L. Jackson Movie By Just One Image?

Are you the ultimate Samuel L. Jackson fan? Let's find out!

Die Hard With a Vengeance Zeus Payphone Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is an actor who can play pretty much any role.

He's been a leader of superheroes in the Marvel movies as Nick Fury. We've seen him take on snakes whilst on a plane. Jackson has even been in almost every Quentin Tarantino film over the years.

Jackson has gone up against dinosaurs, been the villain and even teamed up with John McClane in a race against time in New York City.

The actor has been an iconic feature of movies over the decades. He has been in so many movies over the years, it would take a true fan of the actor to remember all his roles. This quiz features 12 images from films that Jackson has starred in over the years, the question is will you be able identify them?

Do you know all the different Quentin Tarantino movies that Samuel L. Jackson has starred in over his career? Can you tell all the times he's played Nick Fury apart?

Are you the ultimate Samuel L. Jackson fan? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Name The Movie.


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