Film Quiz: Can You Name The Tom Hanks Movie By Just One Image?

Do you know the difference between "Dragnet" and "The 'Burbs"? Let's find out!

Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan
Paramount Pictures

Tom Hanks has been a staple of Hollywood and cinema since the 1980's.

Taking on iconic roles from Forrest Gump to Jim Lovell in "Apollo 13", we've seen the Academy Award winning star become the quiet hero we all need.

We've seen Tom Hanks get stranded on an island in "Cast Away", he's faced the horrors of World War II in "Saving Private Ryan". He even entered the world of Stephen King as prison guard Paul Edgecomb in "The Green Mile". Tom Hanks has been the anti-hero in "Road to Perdition" and the romantic lead in "Splash".

Tom Hank's movie catalog is filled with some of cinema's greatest movies. The question is can you remember all of them?

This quiz will test even the biggest fan of Tom Hanks. All you need to do is identify which of Tom Hanks film is featured in each image.

Do you know the difference between "Dragnet" and "The 'Burbs"? Can you tell Tom Hanks in "Forrest Gump" versus "Cast Away"?

It'll take an astute movie fan to get all of these correct. Let's see how many Tom Hanks movies you can identify!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Name The Tom Hanks Movie.


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