Film Quiz: Can You Name The Will Ferrell Movie By Just One Image?

Will Ferrell has been in so many iconic roles, but can you remember them all?

Barbie Will Ferrell
New Line Cinema

Will Ferrell has been one of the most prominent and well known comedy actors of the past two decades.

The former "Saturday Night Live" star has been a fixture of television and movie screens, playing outrageous roles that only he can embody.

He's been anchorman extraordinaire, Ron Burgundy. Faced off against International Man of Mystery Austin Powers. We've even seen Ferrell become part of the pink world of "Barbie".

One movie that Ferrell has been in that generations of film fans have fallen in love with was "Elf". Where Ferrell embodies Christmas joy as Buddy, an elf who goes in search of his human family.

Ferrell has been in so many iconic roles but can you remember them all?

Do you know all the movies that Will Ferrell has starred in over the course of his career? This quiz features 12 movies that Ferrell has had a role in, all you need to do is work out exactly which film it is.

Can you tell "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" from "Blades of Glory"? Do you know the difference between "Zoolander" and "Zoolander 2"?

Only biggest fans of Will Ferrell will stand a chance of getting 100% correct on this ultimate quiz. Let's see how many you can identify!

1. Name The Movie.


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