Final 1408 poster features Jackson & Cusack

1408poster052407.jpgIs 1408 going to be the horror movie to rule them all this year? It's going to have to be something really special if it's going to beat out 28 Weeks Later that's for sure. A new poster for the flick has turned up at Bloody Disgusting and I believe this is the first artwork that features both John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. Looks really crappy. Bland artwork and bland colours... an appealing poster it does not make. (click left image to enlarge it). If I say anything more about the movie I will just be repeating myself from previous posts, so in a nutshell... I liked the trailer, like the cast, like the plot, like Stephen King books but usually hate the films made from them. 1408 comes out June 22nd in the U.S. and August 24th in the U.K. (though that release date has changed many times over the last few months).
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