Finally a Southland Tales trailer

If you were confused & frustrated by Donnie Darko, then your gonna hate Southland Tales!


The title tells it all really. I'm been secretly looking forward to Southland Tales because of how much I enjoyed Richard Kelly's unique voice in the industry after his Donnie Darko movie, which has somehow ended up with this meteoric cult status. I mean it's a pretty fun movie but there's so many other low budget independent movies that are released every year that is just as good as that one but still I enjoyed it. I know one good friend of mine absolutely hates Darko. He can't get over how the movie ends and his want for a nice resolution to tie up all the loose threads, frustrates him. He finds the movie pointless and where I agree the ending seems a little weak (actually, it's a lack of ending because I'm not sure Kelly could think of one!), it was a genius conclusion to start a cult craze. So the trailer for Southland Tales is finally released and now it's me that's irritated. I'm frustrated because I don't know what the hell is going on. The only thing that I understand is that The Rock is cool... and I wanna see more of him... and if The Rock's cool then maybe Southland Tales is cool too. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAILER What was I saying about Kelly and his unique voice. Maybe it has got the better of him this time.
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