First look at Kelly's BOX

When desperate couple Cameron Diaz and James Marsden open this mysterious box given to them by a stranger (Frank Langella) all their dreams and worries seem to have gone. Everytime they press the button inside the box, enough money comes out to save their son who is failing from ill health, only there's a small catch. Everytime they press the button and money comes out - someone somewhere in the world will die. It's the next movie from Richard Kelly, the young and ambitious director of the pretty cool DONNIE DARKO but the hideously reviewed SOUTHLAND TALES (I just put my order in today for the DVD, I'm curious as hell to see it). It's called THE BOX, and is based on a old twilight zone episode. It promises to to be the most straight out genre piece yet from Kelly and we have our first look at the mysterious box below...

This one is due out this year and after the disaster that was SOUTHLAND TALES, Richard Kelly's whole career in Hollywood pretty much resides with how well this movie goes down at the box office. source - twitch
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