First Look At Stallone And Michael B. Jordan In Creed

A new challenger has entered the ring. caught filming in Rock€™s hometown of Philadelphia.

Directed by Ryan Cooler, Creed follows the son of Rocky€™s late opponent-turned-friend, Apollo Creed, who died during a fight with Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Michael B. Jordan is playing Creed€™s offspring who seeks training from the former boxing champ and pacifier of the Cold War.
Admittedly, there€™s not much going on in ComingSoon€™s snaps but boxers moving boxes. Still, the nostalgia-levels are fairly high as the Stallion (crooked hat and all) stands outside Adrian€™s and in front of a rather stroppy looking Michael B. Jordan. The aforementioned young blood feels like a decent pick for the wannabe warrior, and should hopefully deliver in a film that will be resting on his shoulders just as much as Stallone€™s. Here€™s hoping he can deliver when it arrives November 25 this year.

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