First Look: Dominic Cooper as Sadamn Hussien's son

(apologies for the quality of the above image but it's not our fault - it is directly from the official website of the film) Probably the bravest film role any up-and-coming young Brit actor can take these days is to play an Iraqi terrorist but Dominic Cooper hasn't just taken the challenge on, but laughed in the face of it! Above is our first look at Cooper as Uday Hussein, the eldest son of Saddam Hussein in The Devil's Double, an 80's set thriller that former Bond director Lee Tamahori has been shooting in Malta this year, and is now said to be completed. In the movie Cooper plays two parts - that of Hussein, and also Latif Yahia - a childhood friend who looked like Hussien and was forced at gun-point to become the regular body double of Iraq's most hated man. The movie is mostly based on Yahia's biography of the horrific ordeal as he had to live the life of luxury of being Saddam's son and all the fear that came with it, which eventually led to his attempts to escape this life. His partner in crime is Sarrab (played by French actress Ludivine Sagnier), a lover of Uday who takes sympathy with Latif and helps him flea the lifestyle. Described as a gangster film, the movie is backed by a Belgian film company with a 2011 release date potentially in the offing.
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