First Look: Johnny Depp as a Vampire In DARK SHADOWS

Wanna see what Johnny Depp looks like as a vampire? Well kind of like Michael Jackson actually...

Wanna see what Johnny Depp looks like as a vampire? Or I suppose what he could look like in a biopic of Michael Jackson (wait... he already did that in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory right?). Celebuzz managed to take these snaps of Tim Burton's muse in full make-up and costume as the fanged Barnabas Collins on the Devon, UK set of the currently filming Dark Shadows, Warner Bros adaptation of the 60€s supernatural ABC daily serial of the same name. It centers on the tortured vampire who is searching for his long lost love. He is owner of a large estate€ but our lead character and entry vehicle into this weird world is Bella Heathcote as Victoria Winters, the young lady who becomes the Governess of the Collins household because she resemblances the vampire€™s long lost love. The impressive cast of atypical kooky supporting players includes Eva Green (as a witch who is obsessed about Collins), Michelle Pfeiffer (the matriarch of the estate in Collins€™ absence), Jackie Earle Haley (as a con artist) and Helena Bonham Carter (as a specialist in psychology and rare blood disorders). Chloe Moretz, Thomas McDonnell, Johnny Lee Miller and David Selby also feature. Seth Grahame-Smith (who wrote the twisted Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter €“ and is now writing a new Beetlejuice movie) €“ wrote the freshest draft of the supernatural screenplay. All the staples of the Tim Burton formula are here as the show regularly featured werewolves, ghosts, zombies, man-made monsters and witches, and it€™s use of atmosphere and outlandish characters was it€™s hallmark. Though with this kind of show, anything is fair game, such as time travel, zombies, anything. I€™m not sure there are rules to it€ So as expected this movie is Depp and Burton's take on the 60's show, re-imagning it fully to play to their sensibilities. But my question is.... what is a vampire doing out in the dark??? (more photo's here) Dark Shadows is coming May 11th, 2012.
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