First Look: Kenneth Branagh as Laurence Olivier in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN

And judging by the still, which shows a pensive Branagh with slicked back hair in a classic tuxedo he certainly looks the part.

With a film still and the poster already released for My Week with Marilyn showcasing Michelle Williams stepping effortlessly into Marilyn€™s iconic blonde bob and sultry pout this week it was the turn of co-star Kenneth Branagh to fill some equally iconic shoes. Empire has the first look at the Thor director and regular Shakespearean actor in his role as THEE legendary Shakespearean actor Laurence Olivier. The film is based on the diary written by Monroe€™s (Michelle Williams) assistant Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) during the production of the 1957 movie The Prince and the Showgirl. The new movie follows their friendship and Monroe's turbulent relationship with director and co-star Laurence Olivier with incredibly fun supporting roles for Judi Dench (Dame Sybil Thorndike), Dougary Scott (as Arthur Miller), Julia Ormond (as Vivien Leigh) and Dominic Cooper (Arthur Miller). Emma Watson and Toby Jones also support. Branagh is certainly no stranger to taking on iconic roles as either an actor or director and with the similarities in their careers, Shakespeare, both writer/directors, Branagh seems a perfect fit. However portraying a real person and no less one of the world€™s most renowned thespians must have been a little daunting. Yet Branagh seems to have no such worries telling Empire; "I was incredibly impressed by the screenplay and wanted to play this man €“ who just happened to be Sir Laurence Olivier €“ but who was a fascinating human being to play at this point in his life. He was a great actor and director wrestling with the phenomenon that was Marilyn. He was in awe of her screen persona and her sexuality and at the same time infuriated by her off screen behaviour. The script was a fascinating study of a very fine artist coming up against an equally fine one and the fireworks that result€. And judging by the still, which shows a pensive Branagh with slicked back hair in a classic tuxedo he certainly looks the part. The film is set to premiere at the NY Film Festival and will hit screens on the 18th November (UK) this year.
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