First Look: Pop singer Rihanna as skinny Naval officer in Universal's $200 million BATTLESHIP!

After a problematic two years at the box office - the idea that Universal are filming a $200 million Summer tentpole right now based on Hasbro's rather limiting board game Battleship, and with a bunch of nobody actors, is totally perplexing. Actually no, scratch that - it's f'n' nuts. Am I the only one who finds it difficult to watch events unfold - kinda like an obese kid tucking into a MacDonalds banquet. These kind of no-hope risks aren't healthy for Universal and if they continue down this self-destructive path that they are determined to follow right now, then who knows what state the studio will be in by 2015? Above is our first look at pop singer Rihanna as a (skinny) Naval officer in Peter Berg's (The Kingdom, Hancock) truly odd movie. Somewhat bizarrely, she is probably the most well known star of the movie... and she's barely even an actress. She's joined by Taylor Kitsch (Gambit in Wolverine) and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) as the marquee names, Tom Arnold (as fourth billing right now!) and model Brooklyn Decker. Yeah... we are scratching our heads as to how this project came together. The idea of Battleship, we think, is for a large budget alien invasion flick that has a B-movie cast (Tom Arnold as fourth billing right now!) and sensibilities. Hmmm. Who thinks this one will be sinking come May 2012?
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