Out of all the Brothers-Grimm re-imagnings that are in the works right now, Catherine Hardwicke's forthcoming Red Riding Hood (March, Warner Bros) looks the most promising. The above still is our first look at the talented Amanda Seyfried who in this version is a young girl who falls in love with an orphaned woodcutter (Shiloh Fernandez) despite being engaged to marry the son of a blacksmith (Max Irons) with the larger plot of a blood-thirsty werewolf stalking the village, with a particular appetite for young girls. Gary Oldman (as a Peter Cushing-esque priest obsessed with taking down the werewolf), Julie Christie and Virgina Madsen are also in this one, written by David Leslie Johnson (Orphan). Film hits March 11th. Let's just hope it's less a Twilight-style romance triangle, and more R-rated horror... Last August when the film was coming together, I said; "I€™m hoping that Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) can bring the real disturbing depths of the Brothers Grimm version of Little Red Riding Hood to the big screen, I don€™t wanna see a teenage love triangle, or a romantic werewolf movie that Warner Bros I would presume are expecting. I wanna see the film Guillermo del Toro would make. I wanna see a sick, Rated R, stomach churning disgusting version that will offend everyone. One that will cause controversy in all quarters. A version that will be notorious for it€™s blood and guts, and for it€™s no holds barred ripping a part of someone like Dakota Fanning. Or Ellen Page, if you really have to go a little older. A version that makes you forever terrified of the woods, or what could be lurking behind shadows. After all, Little Red Riding Hood in it€™s classic form is the tale of a man beast rapist who takes the virginity of a maturing young girl who has just started menstruating. Isn€™t that what your English teacher taught you? Whether we get that is another thing and the above still would hint more towards the romantic angle but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed we get something nasty".
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