First Look: Ryan Reynolds in motion captured GREEN LANTERN suit

All CGI suit? Really? Come on!!

I've just been sent a link to EW who carry a first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern (WB, June 2011) splashed over their latest issue, and honestly, my heart just sank. CGI suit? Really? Come on!! Evidently it's a motion-captured CGI suit, which is obviously more encouraging than Hulk CGI - but my general rule with superhero costumes is; if you can't see any flesh then CGI is fine (i.e. the suits for Iron Man, Spider-Man) but if flesh is visible (Batman, Superman) - a CGI suit will probably look ridiculous. And from this glimpse, it does. I think they have the colour and the design of the suit just right and Reynolds clearly is physically perfect for this character, and I even think the mask is pretty cool but I don't know if I'm going to be able to shake off my CGI concerns before next summer. I need to feel it's Reynolds on screen at all times, and despite the movements being his - I just know my eyes won't buy it. The timing of this reveal is curious as we are just a week away from Comic Con, where surely a first look at Lantern would have gone down better. Unless of course we are being afforded some special footage instead, which sure would be nice and will hopefully sour my knee-jerk concerns. Directed by Martin Campbell - the movie co-stars Gossip Girl's Blake Lively (as love interest Carol Ferris), Mark Strong (as Sinestro), Peter Sarsgaard (as Hector Hammond, who we've already had a glimpse at) and Tim Robbins (Senator Hammond).
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