2009 see's Walt Disney Pictures release THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, the first traditionally animated movie from them since the disastrous HOME ON THE RANGE in 2004 and rightly or wrongly, it will be the future barometer for whether there is a place for 2-D animation in this Pixar 3-D animated world. Which is not fair really because one bad movie shouldn't kill a genre but that's exactly how it will be portrayed if it fails. We all know that storytelling and talent is what makes a film successful and the last few Disney movies in 2-D just didn't have that. The opening of ENCHANTED was our first glimpse at Disney's return to 2-D late last year and now comes our first official look at THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG...

The duo of Ron Clements and John Musker who have huge credentials in this arena (they directed ALADDIN, THE LITTLE MERMAID and HERCULES together) direct this movie which features the first African-American Disney Princess (named Tiana, voiced by Anika Noni Rose from DREAMGIRLS) and will tell the classic tale of a frog who turns into a Prince after a kiss, presumably. Voodoo spells, signing crocodiles and Pixar's Randy Newman's score (TOY STORY, MONSTERS INC, CARS) will hopefully give the movie it's classic Disney feel. Let's hope so because in just a couple of years, Walt Disney Pictures in the late 80's and early 90's created a couple of absolute classic movies with this technology and there's life left in it yet. source - coming soon
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