First Look: Tom Cruise In ROCK OF AGES!

The world will end in 2012, so we're told. Many have predicted the coming end of all things next year but most prophecies say it will happen at the tail end of 2012. That means you'll at least see the Olympics (on tv that is as only 4 people actually got tickets), The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and The Hobbit (Part 1 at least). And now could this recently released pic of Tom Cruise in full Stacee Jaxx mode from the currently filming Rock of Ages be further sign of our impending doom or an appetizer for a career move of utter genius, which could possibly make the world fall in love with the little fella all over again? Based on the musical of the same name and directed by Hairspray's Adam Shankman and co-starring the likes of Paul Giamatti, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Malin Akerman, the movie follows the story of a young girl who arrives in LA during the height of the 80s rock scene, when hair, spandex and guitar solos were all over the place. I'm liking the Tom Cruise of late. For so long intensely careful of how he portrays himself on screen, recently we get a sense of him relaxing a bit and opening himself up to opportunities he would have laughed off in the past. See Knight & Day for how he basically took the piss out of the media image he has had for the past seven years or so. Rock of Ages is released on June 1st 2012. Admit it, your intrigued aren't you?
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