First Look: Watch the Total Recall Trailer

Yesterday saw the release of the full length trailer for Len Wiseman's new version of 'Total Recall'.

So here it is folks. After last week's general trailer tease (which seems to be the fashion these days), yesterday saw the release of the full length trailer for Len Wiseman's new version of 'Total Recall' and needless to say this looks far better than what I was expecting. Colin Farrell looks suitably buff and confused as the factory worker, who after venturing to a place called Rekall soon begins to suspect that he may be a spy in an ongoing cold war and that his memory has been erased. The fact that he is attacked by numerous armed guards and his wife, played by Kate Beckinsale starts kicking his ass and explains the plot to him, naturally validates his suspicions. The visuals look great. The future world looks well realised albeit with a heavy influence from 'Blade Runner' and others and we get a good look at some of the action including a ruckus between Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, plus a brief glimpse of Bryan Cranston as main villain Vilos Cohagen and blink-and-you'll-miss-him Bill Nighy as rebel leader Kuato; but mostly this features everything you would expect, including lots of running and jumping off buildings. Also a nice little homage to the original at the end with Farrell's Quaid struggling with digital masks. I'll probably see it. Might be fun. Judge for yourself: To remake a classic such as the Verhoeven/Schwarzenegger original was seen by some to something akin to sacrilege, which is why the filmmakers have jettisoned the whole Mars aspect of the original and instead gone back to the original Philip K Dick source material We Can Remember it for you Wholesale for their inspiration, although judging from this trailer, there still seems to be a lot of running around and shooting people. Kate Beckinsale has stated that the film will be "very different" from Verhoeven's version. "It's still reimagining the future. The question of 'Is this real? Who am I?' is the same," she explained. "I'm a villain , which is new. That was really great. There's a nicely slightly psychotic vibe to her, which is really fun." The film is released on August 3 in the states and August 22 in the UK. So will you be checking out Total Recall or is this akin sacrilege?
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