YES MAN, the continuation of Jim Carrey's downward spiral into movie oblivion has received it's first bit of marketing online. The movie directed by Peyton Reed (THE BREAK-UP) will see Carrey play a guy who decides to change his life by answering YES to everything, no matter how difficult or problematic that might prove to be. Basically it's a remake of LIAR, LIAR. Bradley Cooper (as his best friend), Molly Sims and the cute Zooey Deschanel (as pictured below) also star. Yes that's right, Deschanel is the love interest despite being nearly twenty years younger than Carrey. Looks a bit odd doesn't it...


At least Carrey got himself a haircut I suppose. It looked mighty long for THE NUMBER 23 and the following post-interviews for that God awful flick. This opens opens at Christmas, but I'm not expecting much here... Carrey is really turning me off with his career right now.

source - worst previews

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