First Look: Zoolander 2's Derek Jr

He's all grown up!

I was the first to tell you that Zoolander 2's plot would feature a grown-up Derek Jr. clashing with his old man. As I said at the time, he's going to be "the opposite of his Dad... now fat enough to upset Sr., but also smart enough to run rings around him." Of course, the average pot plant is smart enough to outwit Zoolander. Anyway, the story of the son came out into the sun today and Ben Stiller tweeted the above image of the actor who has the role, one Cyrus Arnold. He doesn't seem to be too portly there, so perhaps Stiller thought better of having an overweight character be the butt of their jokes. It looks like his hair will be enough to drive Derek up the wall in any case. It's not too hard to imagine a scenario where Jr. becomes the fashionable one and Dad starts to ape him deliberately. Production on Zoolander 2 continues at Rome's storied Cinecittà Studios, the site of many of Fellini's great shoots. We'll be seeing it in our cinemas next February.
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