First named linked with the BATMAN role in JLA

And some updates on a few other things.

IESB have got the Justice League scoop for the day (seriously, it's like daily pass-the-exclusives). They say that Josh Duhamel (Transformers, Turistas) who is 35 next month has auditioned for the role of Batman in the Justice League movie. An attempt to get this information confirmed has proven to be fruitless at this point but this would appear to be the first name seriously linked with the role of Batman. What I find interesting about this rumor is that Duhamel is actually one year older than Christian Bale which 'KAPOW's" the theory that this Batman will be portrayed as a much younger version. I know very little about this guy but I like the look of him, he looks like he has something a little darker going on in that cranium and that his troubled childhood reflects every decision he makes. He looks built for the role and is even said to be two inches taller than Bale. (which is good for this movie because Batman will need to be a big presence up alongside the other heroes). I like this guy. I think I could live with him as Batman...

Moving on, IESB have had official confirmation that Bijou Phillips has also screen tested for a part, probably that of Wonder Woman. Phillips is a little more well known that Duhamel, starting her career pretty much with Almost Famous before moving on to roles in Havoc and causing controversy by appearing naked with her severed head in the posters for Hostel: Part II which she had a role in.

She is 27, from Greenwich Connecticut....

Bijou Phillips

mmm. I think I liked Shannyn Sossamon a lot better the other day, and the countless names we have mentioned in the past.

And finally, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who I think would be great if they are casting 20-25) told IESB in an interview that her audition went well and she's 'waiting on pins and needles' to hear whether she got the part.


Ya know, big props to Mary for answering as many questions as in depth as she did because she could have easily said, 'I can't really talk about it'.

I like this girl. She looks the part, she can certainly act (check out how well she carries Final Destination 3, her best work so far) and she seems keen for the role (she talks about the months training she will need to d0).

I'm pretty much burned out on talking about my feelings on the movie, so I'm just sticking with the casting for the moment. I really hope this movie succeeds. I do think it could have been the movie we all hoped for in 2011 or 2012 when Nolan had finished his Batman series and we have another Superman under our belts but if Warner Brothers think they can handle JLA and their respective series' then so be it. At least if JLA turns out to be a dud, they still have the Nolan franchise to screw up with whenever Nolan goes to pastures new.

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