First Official Still: Terrence Malick's Romance Drama Starring Ben Affleck & Rachel McAdams

I was sent this photo from Terrence Malick's now completed filming, Oklahoma-set romance drama last night but honestly, I could barely bring myself to open the attachment. The idea that Malick, who you are fortunate to see make one movie every new U.S. President, is starting to tease me with a movie BEFORE I've had chance to see his extraordinary looking Tree of Life that opens this Spring (and hopefully at Cannes) just blows my mind. The movie, which might be called The Burial, stars Ben Affleck & Rachel McAdams (pictured above in a Days of Heaven pose) along with Rachel Weisz, Javier Bardem, Olga Kurylenko and Barry Pepper but plot details are a premium right now. Not least of which is a release date - but if Malick, who usually spends years in an editing booth before showing us anything is releasing teaser stills already then could we actually see it this year? Two Terrence Malick movies in one calendar year? Isn't that like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters? Will gravity be able to handle it or will the universe collapse upon itself?
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