First one-sheet from Prince Caspian

Since when did Ben Barnes turn computer generated?

The Narnia franchise is done for me without a killer trailer for the next picture. Of course, we've heard the plan from is to release a new Narnia movie May for the next six years, as they try and milk as much money as they possibly can from this franchise but I really don't want to sit through another snooze fest with awful CGI and uninteresting actors like the first movie was. The next one is Prince Caspian, which depicts a Narnia some 1300 years in the future where the land is now under the control of King Miraz, who is attempting to rid himself of Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) and his nephew and rightful heir to the throne. Miraz of course wants his bloodline to rule Narnia, and the film follows young kids once again as they try and locate Aslan (voiced again by Liam Neeson) to defeat the evil ruler. New poster below to showcase you guys. I found this over at Cinematical. Really not a fan of the gloss they have put on it, Ben Barner looks like a CGI character...



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