First Pictures: Hayden Panettiere as Amanda Knox

Hayden Panettiere's resemblance to Amanda Knox is quite remarkable in these first pictures from the set of the TV movie where filming began in Rome this week. During day 2 of the shoot, Hayden and Paolo Romio shot scenes of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito enjoying a picnic. During the trial last year it emerged that Knox and Sollecito had known each other for just six days prior to the murder after meeting at a music concert.
Prior to filming Panettiere had wanted to meet with Knox, who is currently serving a life-sentence in Jail in Italy. Her request was rejected by the Italian authorities. Lawyers for Knox have expressed their concerns about the film.
"As a lawyer I feel that the silence of the court should be respected and we are against any exploitation of the situation whether it is in film or by book." "There is no way that this actress can meet with Amanda while she is in jail. Amanda knows about the film because she read about it in the newspaper but she is not in agreement with it and she is surprised."
source: Daily Mail.

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