First Trailer For The King's Man Looks Spectacular

The Kingsman prequel takes the spy action to World War 1.

The King's Man
20th Century Fox

Fox have just dropped the trailer for the third entry in their Kingsman franchise - a prequel set during the early 1900s - and it looks like a stunning change of pace for the comedy-spy series. Adopting a surprisingly straighter tone, a more muted colour palette and a serious World War 1-era setting, the first look at the movie suggests a marked shift following the laddish romp of the second flick, The Golden Circle.

Matthew Vaughn is back on directing duties (alongside the direct sequel to Kingsman 2, which is shooting towards the end of 2019 and into early 2020), and while the tone is more serious, the flashy, kinetic visual style of the previous two movies remains in tact. Intercut between glorious snippets of hand-to-hand combat and soldiers burying their former comrades is Ralph Fiennes as the Duke of Oxford, who presumably forms the Kingsman Secret Service agency that acts as the crux of the rest of the franchise.

The trailer also offers us glimpses of the rest of the all-star cast, including Rhys Ifans as the currently unnamed villain, Gemma Arterton's Polly, and Matthew Goode's Tristan. Fox has grand plans for the franchise, with the previously mentioned Golden Circle successor following the prequel and a potential spin-off, The Statesman, also development, and The King's Man looks like yet another confident step forward and evolution for Matthew Vaughn's stellar spy property.

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