Four-Armed Monsters And Prison Break In EXCLUSIVE The Other Side Of The Door Interviews

We sit down with Johannes Roberts and Sarah Wayne Callies.

Supernatural horror The Other Side Of The Door is out in UK cinemas now (US readers will have to wait another couple of weeks) and to celebrate the release we got to sit down with the movie's director and its star to chat about the challenges of making the film and their other fascinations and projects. First up is experienced chiller director Johannes Roberts, who talks about his inspirations for the film, revealing how difficult it is to do a good ghost story, as well as dishing on the genesis of a particularly striking character. Check it out in the video below. Next is Sarah Wayne Callies, who stars as a mother driven to extreme lengths following the death of her young son. She not only candidly reveals her lack of affinity with the horror genre, but also provides insight on her work in The Walking Dead and gives an update on her involvement in the upcoming Prison Break reboot. Watch the interview below. Have you seen The Other Side Of The Door? What did you think? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.The Other Side Of The Door is in UK cinemas now.

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