Frank Coraci likes Mild Things

Frank Coraci must be the biggest and most frequent working mainstream director in Hollywood who doesn't currently have an IMDB message board. The guy has directed four movies The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, Around the World in 80 Days and Click. Despite the quality of the above movies, surely 4 big flicks means he should have a board on the site! Oh well. Variety report that New Line have hired Coraci to helm Mild Things, a light hearted movie about a married couple who decide to spend a couple of months partying like teenagers before the birth of their first child. The script comes from the two writers of The Comebacks. Sounds just like the usual Coraci fodder then. The chances are quite high that Adam Sandler will star in the movie, just like he has done for 3 of Coraci's 4 movies. Gonna have to do something about that title too me thinks.

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